A collection with a difference

There can be nothing exceptional without talent and French craftsmen are unique in this respect, combining culture and tradition, knowledge and expertise.
Beyond the manual skill, there is a work of art; and beyond the work of art, there are the men and women whose everyday life is steeped in the outstanding art of rare objects and luxury materials.
Imagine a company without a catalogue, a company that does not discuss products or ranges, a company in which every item is unique because it is made by the hand and heart of Man.

maison parisienne is that company, offering a collection of rare objects created from the passion and expertise of a handful of craftsmen who design and make the most outstanding and most beautiful items possible, each in his or her own craft form.

maison parisienne is that company, discovering and rediscovering a French lifestyle, showing audacity and contemporary design, working to pass it on and share it with enthusiasts, the initiated, collectors of emotions and lovers of the unusual and curious.

maison parisienne is showing a special, appealing collection of unique pieces or items in very small limited editions, unusual objects for the house or for people, nourished by the talent of French craftsmen and their love of beauty and luxurious materials.

Every delight has its own object

Every desire has its own integral emotion

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maison parisienne

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